Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Fun Ride Time

Went with a friend to do a fun ride on the weekend in support of local riding for the disabled group (RDA Quest).

Day went so smoothly - trailer hitched, horses on, got there a whole hour early but luckily we started early too. Here's a piccy of Oreo and Olivia sharing food in the trailer (not Oreo's idea, by the way)...

Anyway, it all went very well - the ponies seemed to enjoy themselves, no falls or hurts except for at one point on a steep downhill path, Olivia decided to throw her entire body into a small step down rather than...you know...step down it...
Nevermind, everyone has their quirks (some more than others). Other progress is looking fantastic; I gave her a good long stretchy lunge on Monday and she looked FABULOUS on the lunge. Gone are the days when she used to run round with a hollow back and head looking everywhere but around the circle. She was shaped (a parelli phrase coming..) like a good banana, back up, neck down and stretching and really striding out.

Today we had a quick ride in the miserable weather, stretching again because I'm still waiting for this slight tucked-up-ness to go away, but she felt so good again. Very happy :)

Now here's a quick question...I feel every day I spend more time brushing mud out of her beautiful long, flowing mane than I spend riding her. To pull or not to pull?! The dirt is driving me mental, but without her long locks she wouldn't be my pretty pony, I'm torn!

I will let you know what I decide :)

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